One Direction, Tokyo (Japan) 27.02.15 #OTRATourConcert10 #OTRATourTokyo [WORK IN PROGRESS]

27.02.15, harry styles, japan, one direction, otrat, tokyo, saitama super arena, striped shirt, drinking
"kassandracruz: Best concert ever #onedirection #otrajapan" x
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Gallery + HQs.

Opening Video/Clouds #1
Steal My Girl/Band Talk - Harry/Little Black Dress/Where Do Broken Hearts Go/Midnight Memories:
Kiss You:
Band Talk - Louis/Ready To Run:
Kiss You/Band Talk - Louis/Ready To Run/Strong:
Better Than Words #1
Band Talk – Liam & Niall/Don’t Forget Where You Belong:
Band Talk - Zayn/Little Things #1
Band Talk - Harry:
Band Talk - Harry/Night Changes:
Little Things/Band Talk - Harry/Night Changes/Band Talk - Louis introducing the band:
Diana #1
Diana/One Thing:
One Thing:
What Makes You Beautiful:
Through The Dark:
Band Talk - Liam & Niall:
Girl Almighty:
Band Talk - Louis, Zayn & Liam:
Story Of My Life:
You & I:
Band Talk - Harry/Little White Lies/Band Talk - Liam/Stockholm Syndrome/Band Talk - Harry & Niall:
Best Song Ever #1
Other videos:
5 Seconds Of Summer (Opening Act):
End Up Here/Out Of My Limit/Don't Stop/Heartache On The Big Screen/Amnesia/Beside You/What I Like About You/Good Girls/She Looks So Perfect:

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